ABC Quick Check – Free session accompanying novice rides that are run through GS Andiamo Junior Cycling for local youth riders and their families.

Fix a Flat Class – Free session, offered periodically.

On the road Adjustments – Free Session, offered periodically.

Studio Orientation – $20 nonmember. Free to members– 1 hour orientation session. Please call or email the BikeMek center to schedule an Orientation appointment with a Manager before you plan to use the studio for the first time.

Mechanic School

Our materials are drawn from the Park Tool school. Students are encouraged to have the Park Tool big blue book of Bicycle Repair, which is a handy reference guide for all repairs.

Wheel Trueing Workshop – $35

The wheel trueing workshop is a three hour, one day workshop that focuses on the maintenance of a wheel. This includes reviewing the structure and service of a rim, how to true and dish a wheel, discussing elements of spoke tension and replacing broken spokes on various types of hubs.

New Rider Maintenance Class – $35

The New Rider Maintenance class is meant for any beginner or novice riders who want to learn how to recognize issues on their bikes and properly inspect their bike for damage or problems before going on a ride. This is a 3 hour, one-day class that is offered quarterly.

Novice Maintenance Class – $100

The Novice Maintenance Class is a four-week workshop that teaches how to inspect your bike for wear, how to clean and inspect all components, how to adjust the derailleur and brake systems, how to change the rear sprockets and chain, and how to change a flat – this includes a studio orientation session. The class is offered only twice a year.

Intermediate Class – $125

The intermediate class offers all the necessary skills as needed in order to do a basic shop tune-up. This 5 week, 10 hour work-shop focuses mainly on tuning wheel bearings, truing wheels, and adjusting headsets. It is only offered twice a year.

Advanced Class – $300

The advanced mechanics class goes over all the necessary skills required to completely overhaul and/or build a bike. Graduates of this 18-20 hour, 20 week work shop will be eligible for the apprenticeship program. This class is offered only once a year.

Ride & Race Preparation – $75

The ride and race preparation class is a 5 hour, one day work shop that is offered only once a year. This class focuses on all the necessary skills to check over a bike, clean and inspect all components, adjust the derailleur and brake systems, change the rear sprockets, and change a flat. The main purpose of this class is to ensure your bike is race-ready and safe to ride.